Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's the relationship between melanin, melatonin, melanocytes and intelligence

"Pineal gland secretes melatonin which activates the pituitary gland to release MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone) it is in the melanocytes that melanin is produced"

MOST Europeans and people of European descent have CALCIFIED pineal glands.


The pineal calcification rates with Africans is 5-15%; Asians ­15-25%; Europeans ­60-80%!

Melanin gives Black people advanced mental and physical ability

Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the brain reach other areas of the body more rapidly in Black people than in others.

American journal of medical genetics 1985 Page 69 Black babies are smaller than white ones but the smaller black neonate becomes the larger and more advanced child right through adolescence

Social Psychology - Page 482 by Lawrence S. Wrightsman - Psychology all the children were found to be more advanced than European children of the same age

Children of the 21st Century: From Birth to Nine Months - Page 162 by Shirley Dex, Heather Joshi - Social Science - 2005 There is evidence to suggest that non-white babies, especially Black babies, are more advanced in their gross motor development than white babies

also studies done by, Pasamanick 1946, Williams&Scott 1953, Bayley 1965, Ainsworth 1967, Morgan 1990

also reference; The Imagination of Early Childhood Education By Harry Morgan page 132, 133, 134

Melanin protects against a parasite of the central nervous system, optic neuritis, parkinsons, PKU, spinal bifida, etc. all found in higher frequencies in ppl of euro descent melanin is also found in several types of cells not related to skin, cells in the brain and muscles. Melanin in the brain and body does more than just “make it darker”. Melanin on the inside as well as outside protects against DNA degradation, it enhances, speeds up the transmission of messages to the brain and body, which is as to why people of color have a tendency to have a higher and quicker level of motor skills and response also protects reproduction system melanin provides an important role outside of uv protection and vitamin synthesis reference sources; Mackintosh 2001 nosanchuck and casdavall 2006 agar and young 2005

Calcification of the pineal gland is shown to be closely related to defective sense of direction (Bayliss et al, 1985). In a tricentre prospective study of 750 patients lateral skull radiographs showed that 394 had calcified pineal glands. Sense of direction was assessed by subjective questioning and objective testing and the results noted on a scale of 0-10 (where 10 equals perfect sense of direction). The average score for the 394 patients with pineal gland calcification was 3.7 (range 0-8), whereas the 356 patients without pineal gland calcification had an average score of 7.6 (range 2-10). This difference was highly significant (p less than 0.01) (Bayliss et al, 1985). Also, the effects of disturbed sleep and memory are well documented.

Pineal indolamine (e.g. Melatonin/Serotonin) and peptide hormones influence immune functions. Melatonin, in particular, increases immune memory while T-dependent antigene immunization stimulates antibody production. According to Maestroni (1993), in an article published in the Journal of Pineal Research a tight physiological link between the pineal gland and the immune system is emerging that might reflect the evolutionary connection between self-recognition and reproduction. He goes further, mentioning that Pinealectomy or other experimental methods which inhibit melatonin synthesis and secretion induce a state of immunodepression which is counteracted by melatonin. In general, melatonin appears to have an immunoenhancing effect. An interesting observation is the apparent protection from autoimmune diseases in areas of West Africa and especially in places where malaria is a problem (Greenwood, 1968).

to learn more about advantages of melanin, research the works of Dr. Richard King, Carol Barnes, T. Owens Moore


  1. can you drop the black supremacist nonsense please? you are violating the social contract. Content of character, not color of skin.

    1. First, I love your username "illuminaughty". Secondly, supremacy is the state or quality of having authority or power. Black people would not be a good candiate for being identified as having authority or power. Nevertheless, I know what you mean. My interest starts in the beginning, "Pineal gland secretes melatonin which activates the pituitary gland to release MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone) it is in the melanocytes that melanin is produced". We are talking about the endocrine system here. This system runs many vital bodily functions. The pineal gland also releases dimethyl trypamine, which have been linked to important new age scientific experiements such as the discovery of the so called "God gene". There are countless well documented cases of race surpression (biochemical, socieconomic, historical, etc...) by the western judeo-christian world on black people. For instance, why don't more South and Central Americans know that they have large amounts of african slave blood? Was the tuskegee experiment an isolated case? Oh wait, I remember hearing something about how a decade or so ago Isreal had infected some young darker skinnned members of the state with radiation to test the affects. We are talking about eugenics here, which breaks down into rats injected with stuff and put in a maze. I live in southern louisiana where the first black major elect was killed in a small town after the election. Apprently, he used the wrong hand to kill himself and the state investigator wash the truck down with a waterhose and closed the case. I realize that the rest of the world is different in many ways but I have also observed a pattern that makes it very much like southern louisiana in very a strong way. If the evidence that is coming out about black race suppression came out about caucasians it would be an emmy nominated trilogy, regardless of its validity. There is not a more serious crime reguardless of how you slice it. I would like to know more. Alot more!

  2. Uuuh... Illuminaughty, what is a black supremacist, and what is "black supremacist" nonsense are you talking about? also what is a social code? Explain yourself please...

  3. then y is their longevity and i.q demographicly lower in all regions,plus,that um vitamin synthesis shit,where did u get that?its beyond fact that ppl w/ darker skin r never native 2 snowy regions because dark skin interferes w/ converting cholosterol in2 vitamin d,sure it protects against radiation,and the speed of which info gets through the body through electrical impulse,do u no how fast 170mph is?it dosnt need 2 b faster than that,it wouldnt matter,as 4 earlier development,humans r only so smart b-cuz we spend such a long time in infancy,the longer u spend there,the smarter ur gonna b,

    1. dude really, diease, famine, slavery, oppression of all kind. Let's not use agruments that positions us against one another but against unqualified or under quanitfied facts and conclusions. Your statements are the same as shaka khan v.s. william wallace deadliest warrior eposide. They serve no purpose, but to entertain the mind and heart with foolishness.

    2. "its beyond fact that ppl w/ darker skin r never native 2 snowy regions because dark skin interferes w/ converting cholosterol in2 vitamin d.."

      Explain the Inuits then? They've been in Anartica for millenia yet they REMAIN brown-skinned...

    3. And polar bears...they have black skin underneath the white fur. Their black skin is necessary for survival in the cold temperatures. And the comment about vitamin D is untrue. The fact that Blacks can transform the sun's energy, make most of the darker Blacks lactose intolerant! That has now been proven.

      It is sad that Blacks cannot learn about their physical bodies without someone accusing them of being "supremacists". They are different and because they are different, knowing what makes them different (for instance the role of melanin) will help them understand how to care for themselves better and the psychology behind their emotional well being...

      For instance, the caduceus is a symbol of the endocrine system, called the Swan in some esoteric societies because of the shape of the pineal and the left and right ventricles. This system has been the fascination and arcanum arcanorum of the ancients. Yet a fully functioning endocrine system produces melanin. And fully matured melanin is brown or black.

      So the caduceus is not just a medical symbol, it is the symbol of a bloodline that predated Egypt and biblical scripture. It was from a time when snakes did not represent evil but a time when they represented wisdom, power and energy flow...

      So again I is shame that Blacks are attacked when learning and sharing knowledge of themselves. If we didnt, how would we know who we truly are - our true history. We are the original inhabitants of Pangea. There is no country that we are not "from" including America! Many of our ancestors were not only brought over from Africa but were part of the indigenous people, captured right here (in America) and sold. That is also proven.

      So...I say all of this to say, because it is taboo to study ourselves and share the knowledge, how will Blacks truly know there rich heritage that is worldwide, not just in Africa? How will they even know why the skin is so dark? The darkness has an important function...

      Well, something to think about anyway.

  4. Thank you Marquita. The other two comments are great examples of how threatened those without melanin really feel by this information. i just began my study of melanin... america leaves out the importance of melanin.

    1. no we dont feel threatened, tho slightly annoyed by some black peoples egotistic and negative attitudes abt it (that I have read on the internet), it sounds like some of ya want white people to feel threatened by it, probably because of what has happened to black people with the slave trade etc

      that is not the right attitude to have, its a negative reaction to something negative that happened (slavery) and that negativity needs to not continue!! . . . and not all white people of the world are to blame for what happened with the slave trade!!!

      we are all human beings no matter what our skin colour, so lets just make the world the best it can be together instead of racing against each other!!!

  5. I have dark spots in the face since 5 years. Wonder why they occured. Is there any connection to the pinealgland? Noone seems to know!

  6. Lol funny how racists white people get angry wen their fraud on the world starts to unravel the only group tht spends billions on white propaganda to promote tht white is right then so vein tht they invested.billions in their scientists to show.the world proof it wasn't good enough tht they deceived and stole and murdered their way into dominance they wanted proof tht they were of a whole superior breed only to hve their scientist support the obvious tht they r genetic defects wen they r mutations whose original parents r black people then they get angry and denounce their own scientists they systematically destroy evidence of black inventions contributions compositions writings trying to only leave the impression tht blacks have contributions wen they started invading they saw thtbwen they impregnated blacks she gave birth to black n vice versa when a black impregnates a white she gave birth to black n further they saw blacks who impregnated other black gve birth to whites MY GOD tht instilled a deep rooted hate they saw first hand their genetic inferiority n convinced themselves tht it was only because they were meant to "stay pure" n they were convinced tht genetically they could be wiped out so they went on a mission to kill. and oppress n enslave by any means necessary

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Uh Matt the Vitamin D shit is fact white skin relects light away darker skin absorbs more sunlight and converts to vit d yet white skin is unable to produce vit d properly so the body saps calcium from ur bones which helps aid in abdorbtion of vit d then u gotta stay replenishing ur calcium cuz ur prone to osteoporosis its wht ur scientists found soooo I don't get ur issue with it oh the image thing lol oh well as far iq tests being administered by the great white propanda machine I don't buy it... as far as blaxks being ugly lol a real joke I find big boobs and flat as boards rears very weird looking u hve to get surgery on ur skin to mimic wht ours do naturally implants and tanning til u crinkle like old paper don't get me wrong u used the knowledge u stole effectively n I don't see blacks regaining our former glory anytime soon but I do see u being exposed publicly....not just on blogs

  8. I find this article very interesting.

    I would like to distant myself from race theories. :-)

    What I find interesting is that Vampires are burning when their skin is exposed to the Sun. Apparently, this is due to Vampires lacking in melanin or melatonin (needed to produce melanin).

    Perhaps those Vampire stories are based on examples of people unable to produce melanin to protect their skin against sunburns.

    Well, now I see why Blade, the Day-Walker, is actually Black. :-)

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  17. Can you please tell me where the quote at the top of this post is from? "Pineal gland secretes melatonin which activates the pituitary gland to release MSH... " I can not find any factual evidence for this and the link below it takes you to a page on calcification and does not mention MSH at all. Thank you