Wednesday, January 14, 2009

White skin synthesizes vitamin D six times faster.

When one states that a white person synthesizes vit d 6x faster than a black, this only suggests that Europeans require 6x the synthesis of vit d to keep up with/ or maintain a similar bone development that blacks naturally have. 99% of calcium is found in bone. Blacks have the strongest bones in the world. Whites depend on vit d from sunlight to achieve a similar bone structure to that of blacks. Let me re-emphasize the word similar to point out that although Caucasians can produce vit d 6x faster than blacks, whites still have the weakest bones in the world. in redundancy, whites require 6x more vit d than blacks (6:1 ratio) to maintain an adequate skeletal anatomy similar to that of blacks. Furthermore, one does not find / or diagnose rickets in adult black people. If you remember, rickets only occur in children. rickets, unequivocally, is a child's deficiency. Source: HTTP ://jcem.endojournals.0rg/cgi/content/full/82/2/429

The essential function of vit d is for maintaining calcium metabolism and the maintenance of bone densities. Metabolic levels within a specific range is also vital for normal functioning of the nervous system. whites have more genetic defects of the nervous system and bone-density crisis than do blacks. Although whites can produce vit d faster than blacks, obviously this great feat of the... synthesis and biochemical pathways are not enough for their skeletal anatomy. The fact still remains that whites have the weakest bones in the world (let me point out that Caucasians biological systems have a high affinity for photophobia-- whites, like albinos, have a fear of sunlight). To achieve equivalent bone densities to that of blacks requires whites to sit even longer (above the 6x synthesis threshold) in pure sunlight.

(conclusion) its, however, a double edge sword with a huge price for whites to pay, because to increase activities in sunlight would also increase the risk of contracting lethal cancers. To remain in shade would certainly deteriorate bone mass; thus, at some point, even whites have to go outside and embrace their inevitable cancers.

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  1. 7/9 white adults by 60's have osteoporisis and other deficiencies related to their weak bones and the worst part is if it is true that a heavy meat diet can deplete calcium stores from the body they are just doing double damage quicker