Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Mutated link between Caucasians and Albinism.

In humans, only four genes are isolated and have a high affinity for albinism.

The 4 genes are: TYR, OCA2, TYRP1, SLC45A2. OCA is the acronym for Oculocutaneous albinism (hair, skin, and eyes are affected resulting in loss of pigment to the hair and skin and decreased visual acuity due to photo phobia which comes with green or blue eyes). SOURCE: HTTP:// It must be conveyed to the reader that nothing is ever proven 100%, only the outcome/ results are interpreted within our scope of realism. I can now get into the biochemistry and the bond between Caucasians and albinism. All people (black, white, or asian) have SLC24A5 genes. The difference between us is found at the alleles of the SLC24A5 gene. The original father (Negros even today) exhibits an alanine allele (Ala111 allele) on the gene SLC24A5 to produce natural pigmented skin. Recently, however, at an estimate of 6,000 - 12,000 years ago, the alanine allele underwent the mutations for a Therine affinity. SOURCE: HTTP://
The A1a111 alleles mutated to Thr111 alleles for whites. Approximately 9% of all humans on earth have an affinity for this mutation (the entire white race to be exact). The alanine allele, it must be stated, is, however, the common bond between the asian and negro populations (this is termed by scientists as Evolutionary Conservation). Whites, as ive stated, do not have alanine alleles-- Europeans, typically have Therine alleles.
Thr111, an amino acid has mRNA codons of ACU, ACA, ACC, and ACG; instead of GCU, GCC, GCA, or GCG as is the case for alanine. The function of the Thr111 is to produce white skin, blue or green eyes (photo phobia exhibited in both groups), and light hair. Only 2 people on the earth exhibit the Therine characteristics/phenotypes: albinos and Caucasians. It must also be stated that the main deficiency in both groups is the inability to produce tyrosinase (TYR), TYRP1, and SLC45A2... Those are the key enzyme and genes, respectively, in melanin metabolism. All life forms with the exception of white people have melanin. Even plants have melanin. Catechol oxidase (a plant's equivalent to tyronsinase) is one of the chief enzymes which makes melanin for plant life. Melanin (TYR) that is "exhibited" in whites and albinos will have a function that is negligible in both groups when exposed to direct sunlight.
(conclusion) The OCA2 form of albinism is very similar to Caucasian phenotypes. and is the most common for negroes. Negroes will typically have blond hair and blue, gray or hazel eyes.
1 in every 15,000 black persons have OCA2 genes.


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  4. The OCA2 form of albinism is very similar to Caucasian phenotypes. and is the most common for negroes. Negroes will typically have blond hair and blue, gray or hazel eyes.
    I understand everything you've written except the conclusion. Did you mean to say that Caucasians typically have blond hair and blue....eyes? The conclusion you have is very confusing. Is it written as intended or do you need to make corrections???

  5. I appreciate you sharing the results of your study.