Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Excerpts from "making of the white man" by Paul Lawrence Guthrie

Between six and seven thousand years ago, signs of disruption began to appear throughout the ancient civilization of the Near East. For nearly a thousand years the cultures of that region underwent a change; a period of regression. As chaos and dissatisfaction grew, problems intensified and the ancient societies of the Near East slipped deeper into despair.

Then about 6,000 years ago, the inevitable happened--civilization fell apart. What caused the breakup of civilization six thousand years ago? Some historians had speculated that a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or some similar event took place, but they were unable to find any evidence to support their claims. Besides, all of the clues pointed in the direction of an event quite different from that of an earthquake - a condition that grew over an extended period of time. The picture is on of communities in turmoil, of societies collapsing and falling apart from within; of chaos, dissatisfaction and unrest.

The most accurate summation would be to say that the people just began fighting and killing one another - this is the best way to describe what was happening in the Near East 6,000 years ago.Soon after the unsettling of civilization, another interesting change began to take place. This change occurred in the area of the Caucasus Mountains. There, in West Asia, a previously unknown group of people suddenly appeared as if from out nowhere. Collectively they are known as the Indo-Europeans, Caucasians or white people. The facts show that they first entered the area around 6,000 years ago. 2,000 years later their invasions would bring them into contact with the civilized nations to the south. Because they had no fixed homes and wandered about from place to place, historians usually describe their way of life as 'nomadic'.

Elijah Muhammad says that 6,000 years ago a new race of people showed up in the region of the Near East. The new race, Muhammad says were white people. He says that the whites first appeared 6,000 years ago on the Island of Pelan, in the Aegean Sea, where they had been by the process of selective breeding called. According to Muhammad, it was black people, living on the Island if Pelan who gave birth to the whites.

The most popularly known traditional account which shares similarities with the teachings of Elijah Muhammad is the Bible's story of Adam and Eve. According to the Old Testament, Adam was made 6,000 years ago. (This date is arrived at by adding together the ages of all of Patriarchs from Adam to Abraham as they appear in the 5th and 11th chapters of the book of Genesis.) Accordingly, the time of Adam's creation corresponds with the time which Muhammad says white people first appeared on the planet.Elijah Muhammad explains that the Bible's account of Adam and Eve is in actuality a narrative of early history of the Caucasian race. A review of the traditions of the making of Man as they exist around the world shows a surprising number of them to be in full agreement with Muhammad - they relate that Adam and Eve had white complexions. Some depict the new man-made as starting out with a darker complexion, then later being transformed to white.

One such account has been handed down in the traditions of the Maidu Indians. Similar tradition, from India explain that the first Caucasians were made when a group of dark-skinned people gave birth to light complexioned babies who in turn gave birth to a nation of albinos from whom other whites were born. L.Bolk wrote in Origin of Racial Characteristics in Man White skin...started from an ancestor with a black skin, in whose offspring hair and iris color were suppressed more and more. Charles Darwin, he too expressed the opinion that selection over the course of many generations, had to have been used in bringing about what he called the characteristic differences between the races of man He even went on to concluded that without some form of selective breeding, such racial differences simply cannot be accounted for in a satisfactory manner.

James Cowles Richard, concluded that the physical differences between the races of Man could only have resulted from a method comparable to the process of artificial selection carried on by plant and animal breeders. This too is consistent with the words of Elijah Muhammad. Dr Edwin Grant Conklin The Evolution of Man wrote: It is evident that distinct races could not have been established and perpetuated except by the aid of isolation, chiefly geographical. Dr. Ramm who admitted: By scientific breeding we can shuffle these genes with their characteristics and breed traits in or breed them out...The laws of heredity plus principles of separation or selection operating over a period of time will produce the various races of the world.

Another ancient traditional account that shares similarities with the teachings of Muhammad is the biblical account of Jacob's grafted flock. Genesis 30:35 says that Jacob (english translation of the name Yakub) was able to produce unusually colored flocks of sheep and goat through the use of a skillful breeding technique. According to the bible it took Jacob six years to successfully change the color of the flock (Genesis 31:41). That Bible's story of Jacob's grafted flock is related to the birth of white people from Black parents is attested to by the ancient book of Jewish traditions called the Midrash Rabbah.A more thorough understanding of the history of Azazel can be had by examining the The Book of Enoch which for 500 years was accepted as part of the Bible. This book along with the Book of Adam and Eve and many more book which was removed from the Bible can be found in THE LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE and THE FORGOTTEN BOOKS OF EDEN(ISBN0-452-00944-8).


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  2. it's knowledge and compassion that makes any given race superior with the tools they have; India in 5000 years never invaded or enslaved a foreign population- and for it to have had such a good friendship with its neighbor China running for 2500 years should demonstrate what "civilized" means for both of these countries or any.