Saturday, February 7, 2009

There is no difference in skin color between whites and albinos.

Both groups have the tyrosinase mutation which inhibits melanin production.

The function of Thr111 (is to produce white skin, blue or green eyes, have photo phobia exhibited in both groups, and light hair-- also exhibited in both groups). There are 3 primary races. Negroes and Asians, however, have the amino acid A1a111 (alanine allele) on SLC24A5 genes. Dark skinned people carrying the recessive "Whiteness" gene would have a 25% chance of producing a White person.recessive "Whiteness" gene would have a 25% chance of producing a White person.

Not all whites have melanin, and if the truth must be known, there are cases of albinism (OCA2 albinos) that do produce melanin just like whites, but in both cases, the melanin levels are insufficient for protection OCA2 generally have more pigment and better vision than those with OCA1, but cannot tan like some with OCA1b. these are all albinos. one can tan and the other (OCA2) have more pigments.

People with OCA2 usually have fair skin but not as pale as OCA1, and blonde to golden or reddish-blond hair, and most commonly blue eyes. lol do these traits sound familiar? How do you think white people got blue/ green eyes? the remaining 2 races (especially asians) do not exhibit these phenotypes "Not one of these types involves a common relation to White people" blond hair, reddish-blonde hair, blue or green eyes, white skin is not common among whites? These very phenotypes are common among albinos. Blond hair, green eyes, etc, are due to mutated enzymes on the SLC24A5 gene. A typical black or Asian do not have this mutation on their SLC24A5 genes. There are only 3 races, a black man created you both

1)HEARING. People who have syndromes associated with albinism MAY HAVE hearing difficulties-- its not set in stone.

(2)EYESIGHT. Whites typically (especially in the case of blue and green eyes) have poorer visual acuity than melaninated eyes.

(3)TANNING. OCA1b(OR TYR) albinos do tan.

(4)EUROPEAN FEATURES: the nose is longer than blacks as to heat the air before oxygen enters the lungs.

(1) EYESIGHT & HEARING. [["In oculocutaneous albinism, pigment is missing from the hair, eyes, and skin. In ocular albinism, only the eyes lack pigment. People with oculocutaneous albinism can have no pigment to almost normal. Some may even tan. People with albinism are generally as healthy as the rest of their species, with growth and development occurring as normal. "]] SOURCE:

(2)HPS is a VERY rare autosomal recessive disorder which results in oculocutaneous albinism (decreased pigmentation), bleeding problems due to a platelet abnormality (platelet storage pool defect), and storage of an abnormal fat-protein compound. this is not associated with all albinism

Blacks, not only, have the strongest bones in the world but also the strongest muscles to support the density of bones well the evidence is in your DNA. There is no such thing as white race, you just like to call yourself white. You wanted to separated yourself from people of color, so you could say "oh look at my IQ! look how we 'whites' discovered 'India' in America-- my god, we must be the smartest race upon this planet". If you were so smart, you would have known there wasn't an India in America. You started "race". The whole myth about white skin adaptation for better utilization of vit d, I think white scientists are lying or they are hiding things. Because anyone who has biochemical knowledge will tell you something doesn't add up.


  1. So what if white people have the same skin color as albinos? Who cares? You seem to be implying that both white people AND albinos are unnatural, disgusting creatures set apart from other human beings. What about albinos born to black parents? What do you think of them? Are they "mutants" the way you think white people are? People are just people. Anyone who refuses to accept that, and continues attempting to make blanket generalizations about billions of people based on their skin color, is a bigot.

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